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Regular Visits at Family Chiropractic

Your Adjustment

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Each visit in now called an ‘adjustment’ visit. This is when you will receive your adjustments!

You will be asked to report to reception each time you arrive, and when the chiropractor is ready to see you, you will be taken to one of the adjusting rooms to have your adjustment.

We Only Adjust What is Needed

The chiropractor will check your spine to see what requires adjusting on that day. He will adjust what is necessary on that visit. It may takes 5 minutes, it may take 15 minutes, just depending on what is happening with your body on that particular day.

You will be asked to have a 15 minute walk after every adjustment as this will help your adjustment to ‘hold’ better and allows your nervous system to settle down.

Ready to get started? Please call to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue. 01233 640047.

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